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Weatherization work in Front Royal, Virginia

We performed a weatherization job on a 5,000 sq. foot house near Winchester, VA this past week.  The initial energy audit produced the homeowner with several low-cost options for lowering their energy bills.  This was a large home in Front Royal, which is about a half hour south of Winchester, VA and about an hour west of…

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Solar Air Heating Repair

We were called by a client who had a solar air heating system that had been in operation since the 80’s.  They had enjoyed the “free heat” for so many years, but after 30 years, the system needed some maintenance.  The homeowner said that after tax credits, they had paid only a couple hundred dollars…

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Radiant Floor Heating Graph

This chart shows that thermal mass really works.  This is a really busy house.  The doors are opening and shutting all day long as people come and go.  There is a gas-powered instant hot water heater that provides heat for the radiant flooring.  We placed data loggers on the outlet pipe of the hot water…

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