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Renewable Energy Research

Anaerobic Digester at Shalom Farms in Goochland, Virginia

Our company is currently building an anaerobic digester at Shalom Farms to provide fertilizer and methane gas for greenhouse heating.  Volunteering our time to help non-profit organizations is a must- being that the spread of renewable energy knowledge is of utmost importance in these days of growing energy prices coupled with an economy that has…

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Solar Air Heating Repair

We were called by a client who had a solar air heating system that had been in operation since the 80’s.  They had enjoyed the “free heat” for so many years, but after 30 years, the system needed some maintenance.  The homeowner said that after tax credits, they had paid only a couple hundred dollars…

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Hotel Solar Thermal Study – Part 3: Finance and Design

  In Part 2, we discussed how to measure hot water consumption and hot water energy use in a mid-sized hotel.  We looked at what the data meant regarding the energy saving potential of a solar thermal water heating system.  This particular hotel uses about 572,500 BTU per day and spends an estimated $6,070 per…

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Hotel Solar Thermal Study – Part 2: Measurements

In Part 1 of the Hotel Solar Thermal Study series, we looked at the main impetuses for the study: rising fossil fuel prices and a lack of hotel hot water consumption data.  Part 2 focuses on the study’s methodology.  How does one go about measuring hot water consumption?  How are the data analyzed?  How much…

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Hotel Solar Thermal Study – Part 1

Recently, I have been conducting research on optimizing solar thermal water heating systems for hotels.  Hotels are among the best sites for solar domestic hot water (SDHW) systems because of their large and constant hot water load (a third of the energy used in hotels is for heating water!), and because their roofs are typically…

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