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Frozen Water Pipes, Anyone?

With the arctic blast that has fallen upon the Richmond area this winter, there are many homeowners with “the frozen water pipe nightmare” on their hands. Here’s how it goes: You wake in the morning after a blistery cold night with single digit temperatures and you head off to work, maybe not knowing that some…

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Solar Site Assessment

  A solar pathfinder is a necessity when picking sites for optimal solar gains. The dome on the tripod enables the operator to record solar obstructions that reveal where to best site may be for their home, PV installation, or solar thermal panel installation. In this case, our team found that the prospective passive solar…

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Anaerobic Digestion

  We are conducting research involving anaerobic digestion and the use of solar thermal panels for digester heating. Our researchers are studying the marriage of these two technologies, with the intention of creating a small-scale anaerobic digester that can rely on the heat from the sun – to maintain necessary digester temperatures for optimum methane…

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